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Individual Donors


Tower Society ($1,000 - $4,999)


Christopher Adelman, M.D. in honor of Dr. Christina Delos Reyes

Steven W. Crawford, M.D.

Melinda E. Ford, D.O.

Dr. and Mrs. David D. Goldberg

Jeffrey L. Hunter, MSc, DC, D.O.

Sybil K. Marsh, M.D.

Drs. William and Kimberly Rothermel

Robert K. Rupp, J.D.

Herbert A. Schumm, M.D.

James D. Smith, M.D.

Edward O. Umlauf, D.O.

Matthew A. Vail, M.D.


Pillar Society ($500 - $999)


David T. Applegate, M.D.

Elihu Godshalk, M.D.

Andrew T. Hearn, M.D.

Timothy L. Kolb, D.V.M.

Kelley M. Long

Dr. Susan May and A.J. Ball

Theresa C. Novak

Linda L. Post, M.D.

Joseph S. Scheidler, D.O.

Robert C. Schiff, Jr., M.D.

Brian S. Taylor, M.D.

Dr. David and Mrs. Margaret Tondow


Cornerstone Society ($200 - $499)

Anonymous (3)

Farshid Afsarifard, Ph.D.

Seth A. Alpert, M.D.

William S. Ballinger, M.D.

David R. Beckman, D.D.S.

Ronald J. Bloomfield, M.D.

Rebecca A. Brauch, M.D.

Mark S. Buddelmeyer

Ruth A. Cooper, D.P.M.

Patricia J. Davidson, M.D.

Pamela DeFranco in honor of Dr. Christina Delos Reyes

Christina M. Delos Reyes, M.D.

Robert S. DiSalle, M.D.

Leslie R. Dye, M.D.

G. Patrick Ecklar, M.D.

Robert E. Falcone, M.D.

Mark T. Finneran, M.D.

Sydney B. Gale

Arnold P. Good, M.D.

Edward C. Hall, M.D.

Nelson H. Heise

Perry M. Hux, M.D.

Diene Kaba

Drs. Molly Katz and Carl Parrot

Michael Kelly, M.D.

Joseph R. Mastandrea, D.O.

Ronald L. Miller, M.D.

David J. Montanaro, D.O.

Sheldon T. Pinsky, M.D.

Eric and Lori Plinke

Linda L. Post, M.D.

Charles E. Russell, M.D.

Ann M. Saluke, M.D.

John W. Shaw, M.D.

Lance A. Talmage, M.D.

Cheryl P. Vargas, M.D.

John F. Vitullo, M.D.

Noel J. Watson, M.D.

Daniel Zinsmaster

Brian S. Zumack


Founders Society ($1 - $199)

Anonymous (4)

Jill K. Aitcheme

Evangeline C. Andarsio, M.D.

Craig W. Anderson, M.D.

Dennis R. Assenmacher, M.D.

Robert L. Barker, M.D.

Marc R. Belcastro, D.O.

John E. Bloom, M.D.

Robert L. Brandt, Jr., M.D.

Jeffrey A. Briggs, M.D.

Jessica B. Campbell, M.D.

Richard G. Cardella, M.D.

Annette M. Chavez, M.D.

Anthony G. Chila, D.O.

Judith H. Childers, D.V.M.

Robert D. Clinger

Laura M. Courtney, D.V.M.

Nicholas Davis, M.D.

Ashok K. Dayal, M.D.

Patrick B. Doyle, M.D.

Elizabeth S. Fowler, M.D.

Charles F. Gehrke, M.D.

Richard Goldfarb, M.D.

Chandra Gravely, M.D.

Jonathan A. Good, Esq.

Jane E. Graebner, D.P.M.

Michael A. Gureasko, M.D.

Jennifer L. Gwilym, D.O. in honor of

Melinda Ford, D.O.

Bruce A. Hamilton, M.D.

Douglas Harley, D.O.

Kurt Hoskins

John D. Hubbell, M.D.

James B. Jackson, M.D.

Larry J. Jacobs, M.D.

Michael Jaffe, M.D.

Larry W. Johnson, M.D.

James N. Kaya, M.D.

Debora J. Kennedy-Caranna, M.D.

Hubert K. Keylor, M.D.

Carol E. Lewis, M.D. in honor of Christina Delos Reyes, M.D.

Robert A. Liebelt, M.D.

Mack and Lynn Long

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Luther

Christopher P. Marett, M.D., MPH

Steven C. Matson, M.D. in honor of Christina Delos Reyes, M.D.

Christopher J. Meier, M.D.

Bruce J. Merkin, M.D.

Claudia Metz, M.D.

William R. Mitchell, M.D.

Kenneth S. Moss, M.D.

Link R. Murphy, M.D.

Peter Muscarella, II, M.D.

Matthew A. Negrelli, D.D.S.

Michelle L. Nicopolis, Ph.D. in honor of Theresa Novak

Gregory J. Nixon, O.D.

Michelle L. Panik

David R. Paolone, M.D.

Peter J. Pema, M.D.

Kenneth P. Pohl, M.D.

Lawrence G. Ratcliff, M.D.

William A. Romer, M.D.

Elizabeth A. Roseberry, M.D.

Michelle Sivert in honor of Dr. David Goldberg

Jeffrey C. Smith

William D. Smicker, M.D.

David Solitt, D.D.S.

William L. Tedford, M.D.

Sarah J. Thompson

Rekha R. Trivedi, M.D.

Lynn Turner, D.V.M. in honor Nelson Heise

Aziza A. Wahby, D.O.

Timothy Wiechers, J.D.

Cheryl D. Wills, M.D.

Hospital Donors

Keystone Society ($5,000 - $9,999)

The Christ Hospital Medical Staff in honor of

Doctor's Day 2018

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center Medical Staff

Nationwide Children's Hospital Medical Staff

Premier Health Miami Valley Hospital Medical Staff

The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center Medical Staff

Tower Society ($1,000 - $4,999)

Adena Regional Medical Center

Adena Regional Medical Center Medical Staff

The Bellevue Hospital

The Bellevue Hospital Medical Staff

Blanchard Valley Hospital Medical Staff

Cleveland Clinic Medina Hospital Medical Staff

Clinton Memorial Hospital Medical Staff

Community Hospitals and Wellness Centers (Bryan)

Dayton Children’s Hospital Medical Staff

Fairfield Medical Center

Fairfield Medical Center Medical Staff

Fisher-Titus Medical Center Medical Staff

Genesis Healthcare System Medical Staff

Henry County Hospital Medical Staff

Joint Township District Memorial Hospital

Kettering Health Network Grandview Medical Center Medical Staff

Kettering Health Network Kettering Medical Center 

Licking Memorial Hospital

Licking Memorial Hospital Medical Staff

Mary Rutan Hospital Medical Staff

Mercer County Community Hospital - Coldwater

Mercer County Community Hospital - Coldwater Medical Staff

Mercy Allen Hospital Medical Staff

Mercy Regional Medical Center Medical Staff

OhioHealth Doctors Hospital Medical Staff

OhioHealth Dublin Methodist Hospital Medical Staff

OhioHealth Grady Memorial Hospital Medical Staff

Premier Health Good Samaritan Hospital and Medical Staff

Premier Health Upper Valley Medical Center and Medical Staff

ProMedica Defiance Regional Hospital Medical Staff

ProMedica Flower Hospital Medical Staff

ProMedica Toledo Hospital Medical Staff

Salem Regional Medical Center Medical Staff

St. Luke's Hospital

St. Luke's Hospital Medical Staff

Summa Health Systems Medical Staff

University Hospitals Parma Medical Center Medical Executive Staff

Wood County Hospital Medical Staff

Pillar Society ($500 - $999)

Cleveland Clinic South Pointe Hospital Medical Staff

Fayette County Memorial Hospital Medical Staff

Fisher-Titus Medical Center

Lake Health West Medical Center

Mercy Health Clermont Hospital Medical Staff

Mercy St. Charles Hospital

ProMedica Fostoria Community Hospital Medical Staff

ProMedica Lima Memorial Hospital Medical Staff

ProMedica Memorial Hospital Medical Staff

Samaritan Medical Center Medical Staff

Southeastern Med Medical Staff

Southern Ohio Medical Center

Trinity Health System Medical Staff

University Hospitals St. John Medical Center Medical Staff

University of Cincinnati Medical Center Medical Staff

University of Toledo Medical Center Medical Staff


Cornerstone Society ($200 - $499)

Berger Health System

Fulton County Health Center Medical Staff

Memorial Hospital of Union County Medical Staff

Pomerene Hospital

Pomerene Hospital Medical Staff

Wyandot County Medical Society

Wyandot Memorial Hospital


Founders Society ($1- $199)

Aultman Orrville Hospital Medical Staff

OhioHealth Morrow County Hospital Medical Staff

Organization and Society Donors


Physicians Honor Society ($50,000+)

Ohio Medical Quality Foundation


Heritage Society ($25,000 - $49,999)

Coverys Community HealthCare Foundation

Ohio Physicians' Charitable Foundation of the Miami Valley

Pinnacle Society ($10,000 - $24,999)

Ohio Veterinary Medical Association

Keystone Society ($5,000 - $9,999)

Advocates for the Ohio Osteopathic Association

Academy of Medicine of Cleveland and Northern Ohio Education Foundation

Central Ohio Newborn Medicine

Mercy Health Corporate

Tower Society ($1,000 - $4,999)

Ohio Society of Anesthesiologists, Inc.

Ohio Optometric Association in honor

of Dr. Gregory Nixon

Providence Medical Group

Columbus Medical Association Foundation


Pillar Society ($500 - $999)

Academy of Medicine of Lima and Allen Counties

GMA Consultants

Lake County Medical Alliance in honor of Lake County Ohio Physicians - Doctor's Day 2018

Ohio Academy of Family Physicians

Ohio Foot and Ankle Medical Association


Cornerstone Society ($200 - $499)

Allergy Immunology Associates, Inc.

Lake County Medical Society

OhioHealth Corporate

Montgomery County Medical Society


Founders Society ($1 - $199)

Dayton Dental Society

Dayton Caduceus

Amazon Smile




Tower Society ($1,000 - $4,999)

Ohio Academy of Family Physicians - Wellness Wednesday Program

Medical Protective Company

Wood County Hospital Medical Staff


Pillar Society ($500 - $999)

Community Hospitals and Wellness Centers

Ohio Association of Medical Staff Services

Southwest General Health Center Medical Staff


Cornerstone Society ($200 - $499)

Cuyahoga Community College

ProMedica Memorial Hospital Medical Staff 

ProMedica Memorial Hospital and Fostoria Community Hospital Medical Staffs


In-Kind Donations

Tower Society ($1,000 - $4,999)

Cleveland Academy of Osteopathic Medicine

Ohio Academy of Family Physicians

Ohio Chapter, American College of Surgeons

Ohio Foot and Ankle Medical Association

Ohio Hospital Association

Ohio Optometric Association

Ohio Osteopathic Association

Ohio Society of Anesthesiologists, Inc.

Ohio State Chiropractic Association

Ohio Veterinary Medical Association


Pillar Society ($500 - $999)

American Academy of Pediatrics, Ohio Chapter​Craig W. Anderson, M.D.

North Central Academy of OHFAMA

Ohio Association of Physician Assistants

Ohio Chapter, American College of Emergency Physicians

Ohio Society of Respiratory Care

Cornerstone Society ($200 - $499)

Ohio Association of Medical Staff Services

Ohio Dental Association

Ohio Psychiatric Physicians Association

Ohio Medical Quality Foundation

Please Note

Disclosure Statement

Every effort has been made to ensure proper recognition to individuals, organizations, and hospitals supporting OPHP in 2018. Please contact us at so we may correct our records.

OMQF is a major supporter of OPHP. The Foundation authorized a grant through 2019 providing operating support to allow the organization to serve physicians and other medical professionals who have issues related to substance abuse, mental illness, and others.

The official registration of the Ohio Physicians Health Program may be obtained from the State of Ohio, Office of the Attorney General, Charitable Law Section, by calling (614) 466-9788. Registration does not imply endorsement.

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