The Ohio Physicians Health Program, Inc. (OPHP) is a nonprofit organization that provides confidential services to the fullest extent allowed by law. OPHP provides a compassionate, supportive, and safe environment for healthcare professionals to receive confidential services to improve their health and well-being. Our goal is to inspire physicians and other healthcare professionals to seek treatment and monitoring for their illnesses in order to ensure patient care and safety.



To facilitate the health and wellness of healthcare professionals in order to enhance patient care and safety.


OPHP envisions a medical community that supports healthcare professionals in pursuing optimal health and wellness.


Wellness – OPHP believes that the health and well-being of every healthcare professional is essential.  OPHP strives to implement therapeutic interventions that serve as a gateway to improved health.


Confidentiality – OPHP supports confidential and compassionate care for all physicians and other healthcare professionals with illnesses that may impact their health and well-being.  OPHP supports the use of confidential services whenever possible in lieu of regulatory awareness in order to eliminate fear of punishment, disciplinary action, embarrassment, or professional isolation. 


Equality – OPHP believes that the restriction of a medical license or specialty certification or membership exclusion from a professional organization should not be based solely on the presence or diagnosis of an illness. OPHP opposes discrimination of physicians or other healthcare professionals at any time based upon a history of substance-related and addictive disorders, psychiatric illness, or other illnesses.


Patient Safety – OPHP believes that early detection, evaluation, and treatment of physicians and other healthcare professionals with substance-related and addictive disorders, psychiatric illness, or other illnesses is paramount to protect the public. Confidential monitoring and oversight of professionals with these conditions will ultimately enhance the health of the provider and preserve quality patient care. 


Education – OPHP believes education is fundamental in order to support the health and well-being of physicians and other healthcare professionals in Ohio.