​OPHP assists physicians, residents, physician assistants, anesthesiology assistants, dentists, dental hygienists, EFDAs, optometrists, veterinarians, chiropractors, students of all affiliated healthcare fields, and others with issues impacting their health and well-being.


Healthcare providers are not only advocates for the health of their patients, they are also important guardians of the health of their peers and themselves. Due to the shame and stigma associated with medical conditions that may affect one’s ability to practice safely, healthcare providers are often hesitant to seek help for their fellow providers or themselves. It is imperative that healthcare professionals are motivated to seek treatment, have access to appropriate resources, and are provided a supportive environment for their recovery.


OPHP offers confidential assistance to physicians and other healthcare professionals who may be affected by mental, emotional and behavioral illness, substance-related and addictive disorders, or other issues impacting their health and well-being. OPHP coordinates evaluation and treatment, facilitates interventions, provides comprehensive monitoring services, and delivers educational presentations throughout Ohio.  OPHP operates independently from all regulatory agencies and provides confidential services to the fullest extent allowed by law.  OPHP believes that early intervention, evaluation, treatment, and monitoring offers the best opportunity for a successful outcome and help to protect patient safety. OPHP provides these services as a therapeutic alternative to discipline.

Reviewing the Laws

​If you or a colleague are experiencing stress, burnout, depression, or other issues - or if you have concerns about drugs or alcohol abuse,

OPHP can help.  


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​When healthcare providers make a referral to OPHP, they follow the law that states: license holders are required to identify any other license holder who may be impaired of the ability to practice according to acceptable and prevailing standards of care because of habitual or excessive use or abuse of drugs, alcohol, or other substances. Impairment includes inability to practice in accordance with such standards, and inability to practice in accordance with such standards without appropriate treatment, monitoring or supervision (ORC 4731.224(B)). The exception to this reporting requirement can be fulfilled by contacting OPHP (4731.15-01(B)) - and we strongly encourage any concerned third party to contact OPHP rather than the affiliated licensure board.  


Providers who either refer themselves or are referred to OPHP will not have their identity made known to their corresponding board so long as they are compliant with the recommendations of OPHP and do not constitute a clear and present danger to the public. Following referral to OPHP, the physician-directed staff provides initial assessment services and investigates the need for further evaluation and/or treatment. Upon successful completion of any indicated treatment by an approved provider, OPHP monitors the recovery of healthcare providers and is able to advocate on their behalf regarding employment, insurance, and legal issues. OPHP is also able to advocate for clients to the appropriate regulatory board if necessary.


Ohio has laws that protect the public while ensuring that healthcare providers receive the help and support they need in a confidential manner (see relevant Ohio Revised Code and Board Policy Statments).  


For more information, please contact or call (614) 841-9690.