General Forms

​OPHP provides written reports on program compliance for those participants requesting updates. Communication with any third party is strictly prohibited and information is only released with written authorization. In order to process this request, please complete and return both forms below to: or fax to (614) 469-9580.


For active participants, the cost of this request is included in the monthly monitoring fee. For any inactive participant who is no longer enrolled for monitoring and advocacy services, the cost of this report is $125.


Potential Participant Forms

​In order to process your enrollment, please complete and return the below forms to the OPHP office at your earliest convenience or send directly to or fax to (614) 469-9580.  

OPHP will also require discharge paperwork for any applicable treatment, verification of current medications, and other materials.


For more information, please contact OPHP at (614) 841-9690 or visit our FAQ.

Current Participant Forms

​On a quarterly basis, OPHP completes a Quarterly Status Report (QSR) documenting your compliance with your OPHP agreement.   In order for your report to be complete, you will need to provide the below documents.  Your materials will be due by the last day of the month corresponding with your assigned reporting period.  If they are not received by the due date, your quarterly report will be incomplete.


Please send your materials to Jill K. Aitcheme, CDCA, Compliance Coordinator. If you have any questions, you can reach her at (614) 841-9690, ext. 21 or by email at


Self Report:


Volunteer Peer Monitor Report (VPMR):

Other Reports