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Doctor and Patient

​If you or a colleague are experiencing stress, burnout, depression, or other issues - or if you have concerns about drugs or alcohol abuse,

OhioPHP can help.  


Call (614) 841-9690 or


​OhioPHP specializes in providing confidential monitoring and advocacy for qualifying physicians and other healthcare professionals. OhioPHP also provides monitoring and advocacy to healthcare professionals who have formal action with licensing agencies.  OhioPHP is staffed with clinical professionals that include a physician specializing in addiction medicine as well as counselors licensed in mental health and chemical dependency.  They provide: compliance reviews, assessment of recovery programs, assistance with the continuation in or return to medical practice, support of personal and professional goals, and other advocacy services.  OhioPHP also utilizes a large volunteer network of peer monitors to support program participants.


Monitoring services include: documented attendance of recovery meetings; oversight of aftercare programs according to statutory requirements; toxicology testing; feedback from volunteer peer monitors; self-assessments; mental health therapy as recommended; and recurrent face-to-face meetings with OhioPHP. 


Advocacy services include:  providing supportive documentation for reinstatement of provider status with insurance companies including state and federal programs; addressing employment concerns or new employment opportunities; recommendation for reinstatement of a medical license or participating in a hearing process; and communicating with appropriate individuals in the legal system as requested.


OhioPHP provides monitoring agreements for healthcare providers afflicted with substance-related and addictive disorders, mental or emotional illness, behavioral issues, and other issues.  

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