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Each healthcare licensing board in Ohio has unique statues and laws for their licensees to avoid Board involvement and voluntarily seek out treatment for mental, emotional and behavioral illness, substance-related and addictive disorders, or other issues impacting their health and well-being.  In order to learn more about what guidelines you should follow if you are seeking help, review our confidential treatment and monitoring information, the One-Bite Program FAQ, or contact us at
Healthcare providers are not only advocates for the health of their patients, they are also important guardians of the health of their peers and themselves. Due to the shame and stigma associated with medical conditions that may affect one’s ability to practice safely, healthcare providers are often hesitant to seek help for their fellow providers or themselves. It is imperative that healthcare professionals are motivated to seek treatment, have access to appropriate resources, and are provided a supportive environment for their recovery.  Learn more about how OhioPHP's confidential services can support you on your road to wellness.

Substance-related and addictive disorders and psychiatric illnesses are family illnesses and affect all relationships.  Supporting a loved one through a substance-related or addictive disorder or psychiatric illness can be challenging and stressful. OhioPHP wants you to know you are not alone. OhioPHP has worked with thousands of healthcare professionals and many families and friends.  Check out the information for friends and families to learn more on what to expect and aspects of family support.  Information on OhioPHP's Family Healing and Support Fund is available for those who qualify.

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