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The Ohio Physicians Health Program (OhioPHP) has collaborated with other state physician associations to establish a coalition that is dedicated to addressing physician burnout.  The Ohio Physician Wellness Coalition (OPWC) provides free wellness resources to healthcare professionals in Ohio.  


In January 2019, the Coalition launched, a website with a large collection of resources and tools to tackle this often hidden, but very real problem.


According to the Mayo Clinic, burnout affects physicians at all levels of training and at various stages of their careers: 28-45 percent of medical students; 27-75 percent of residents; and about 37 percent of attending physicians. A recent study also concluded that physicians are spending 49 percent of their time on administrative tasks and only 27 percent with their patients.


Physicians are facing myriad problems that have led to burnout and even suicide, such as ever-increasing regulatory demands, loss of autonomy, decreased reimbursement, and a physician shortage within the next decade. Burned-out physicians provide care less effectively for their patients, which then creates less adequate patient-physician relationships, and they have less satisfying personal lives, which also affects their families and loved ones. 


The Coalition members agree there clearly is a need for change — to change physicians’ workload and the environment in which they practice medicine.


Dr. Christina Delos Reyes, Chair of the Ohio Physicians Health Program (OhioPHP), and a member of the OPWC Physician Advisory Council, said a multifaceted approach is necessary to address burnout. “As we work together to find meaningful solutions, the OPWC is facing this issue head-on,” she said. “The website is our first step, providing a centralized location of resources. Early in 2019, we’ll have a series of educational videos focusing on specific topics like boundaries, mental health, time management, vulnerability, and gratitude.” Additional initiatives to address this important issue are also under review by the OPWC. 


To address regulatory issues, OPWC has partnered with the Medical Association Coalition (MAC), a group dedicated to monitoring legislation and agency rules that impact physicians, their practice, and their patients.   More information on the MAC is available on the OPWC website.


The purpose of the Ohio Physician Wellness Coalition (OPWC) is to address physician burnout and provide physician wellness initiatives.  For more information, contact

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